About Us

About Us

Infrataur Realtors - a Boutique Real-Estate Investment Consultancy - where our singular goal is to generate and increase the wealth of our clientele through strategic investments and portfolio management in real-estate assets. We also help corporations and individuals Buy, Sell and Lease real-estate assets. We focus primarily on assets in Western Ahmedabad - one of the top ten cities growing exponentially in India.

We are a team of three professionals turned entrepreneurs - with a collective industry experience of over 50 years, who strongly believe that investment in real-estate assets is key to long-term wealth creation; and, it requires a specific set of skills and insights into the local market to maximise gains.

We have an excellent track record of client satisfaction and retention over the years; and, we have a strong foothold, when it comes to anticipating and exceeding the expectations of our clients surrounding risk assessments, governance, operations and growth.

We understand that each client has a unique set of investment goals and we collectively craft tailored-made solutions for their myriad needs. Our solutions are backed by in-depth research and market insights to help our clients achieve their wealth ambitions. The Years 2020 to 2022, have resulted in a paradigm shift in the industry and we have put our best foot forward to advise our clients to navigate the market effectively.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We look forward to assisting you in making the most effective wealth creation decision you will ever make.